I started on the NES when I was Three

and then I said, "how do they do that?"

Austin Arcade Play Games

I started making games on the TI-83 when I was 13. I've pretty much been following my nose from then on and continually learning from my mistakes.

Here are some of the ones that I've managed to keep around. The most available completed projects are available at my online gaming community site, Austin Arcade.


Cubetris: Original 3D Gameplay

This in not your typical tetris clone. Unique 3D gameplay with 4 interlaced games at once. Debuted on the Austin Arcade. Created in Java.

Microcosm: The No Arm People Need Your Help

This is a fun and twisted game where you must save the lives of little creatures with no arms. Control both cannons with your mouse and time your shots or prepare for blood shed!

This was my first fully completed game. I used C++ and DirectX for the Windows platform and it took me about 8 months. There was a lot I learned from this project, like not having a main.cpp file that is 2500 lines long.

Featuring 6 levels, 5 power ups, and addicting game play. Very few have figured out the trick to the last level.

Tetra Holdem

Tetra Holdem

This was a project came from my strive to see how fast I could create a complete, finished, and working game. I had to fully polish it with menus, options and high scores in 2 weeks.

The concept of the game is to switch around the cards in the matrix to create the correct poker hand and to set up for chained combos. I was under a deadline to get this one finished so the gameplay could be tweaked more. Turns out its too easy to create poker hands in any direction which makes strategy difficult.

Animation, OpenGLES, and iPhone applications

Real Time iPhone Game Creation Tool Particle Editor

As part of an end-to-end tool pipeline from asset creation to animation framework integration, I developed a visual particle editor that exported files for iPhone applications. The in-game framework was outfitted with high performance code for particle systems and this tool was used to accurately create the effects I wanted with ease.

It can support multiple emitters, any number of particle sprites, and has enough options to achieve the effect desired quickly and with little effort.

When creating custom frameworks, I usually strive to develop small, focused, and robust toolsets that facilitate development and reduce errors.

Keyframe Animation Tool Chain and C++ Framework

The animation framework supports spritesheets, 2D keyframe animation with multiple transition types, and a full featured visual animation editor. The framework allows for independently moving pieces, sub-animations, timing and blending between animations, and accurate collision detection.

Because of the interface, animations can be created and applied on the fly for fulling dynamic animation sequences or 2D ragdoll gameplay.